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Lauriel Keys

Health Consultant/Birth Worker

My name is Lauriel and I am a very passionate birth worker serving birthing people and beyond  for a little more than 6 years now. In 2004 I began my journey in Maine by training as a doula and then immediately began my journey into midwifery at the local midwifery college.

Through my learning I was blessed to serve birthing people in hospitals, birthing centers but mostly in the home setting. For my senior preceptorship, I was lucky to be welcomed into a practice ran by two Naturopathic Doctors / Midwives. I am so grateful for the level of education and experience I received during my training alongside them. My passion for education and support through all phases of things related to pregnancy, childbirth and beyond runs deep and I feel as though my extensive training allows me to have a deeper level of insight into this world. It is a true honor being able to take part in guiding people through some of the most important transitions in life. We are all in this together.

I believe how people are or aren’t brought into this world is very important. I believe that conscious decision making surrounding birthing people and the birthing process is essential for the continuation of life. itself. I yearn to create and educate with full authenticity and I am here for you and our community!

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