"Many sides to me that impact my music career. From my health to my spirituality to my loved ones to the individuals I meet on the way that shape my life. And my life inspires my music. Welcome to my life. Smooches."  -Ysanne


Program for Young Musicians

Fight for Music is 360-degree career development program for young musicians who may have otherwise lacked access to production and industry resources.  Our program recruits and helps develop promising artists, cultivating individual careers and supporting sustainable feeders of talent and innovation within schools.


An outlet sponsored by Ameerah Cleara FaceBeat and Ysanne Music, to highlight artists, entrepreneurs, small business owners and everything in between. If you have passion, drive and a voice we are looking for you! Check out our interviews!
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Image by Edwin Andrade

Community Talk

Great talk with Remy Ma and Brandon McGee. Hit the button below for the talk.


What's the Mix?

DJ B-EZ and friends talking with entrepreneurs, creatives and people from different walks of life to have a conversation and how they have been successful in their careers.

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