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How To Phrase It

How To Phrase It

"Running & Running"

Singer/Songwriter/Director: S. Ysanne Marshall

Producer: Jordan Meyer

Videographer/Editor: Media Guys Production

This track is about having that special someone constantly on your mind throughout the day.

"Somebody That Will"

Singer: Ysanne

Songwriter: Pxrry

Producer: RichBreed

There's always someone that will treat you better. Someone that will make you smile harder. Someone that will make you love stronger. Never settle!

"Bye Felicia"

Song Writer/Songstress/Director: Ysanne Marshall

Producer: MrMakeItHappen @mrmihdp

"Bye Felicia" is about staying up for yourself and not letting anything or anyone stop you from your passions.

"Mystery Love"

Song Writer/Songstress/Director: Ysanne Marshall

Producer/Engineer: Jordan Meyer